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★ welcome! ★

this is a personal site i made after being inspired by a tiktok.

i started learning basic coding when i was younger on tumblr by messing around with my themes code.

i want this to be a learning experience and a place i can share my thoughts, feelings and creative ideas with the world.

i'm always updating the site so expect more things in the future and thank you for visiting!

☆ status ☆

★ updates ★

5.20.2022 ● made a shrine of some of my scanned sticker sheets.

5.17.2022 ● new diary post, links and some other small details to the site.

5.14.2022 ● removed "figures" and "art" shrines because i wasn't happy with them. revamped "frogs" and "willow" shrines.

5.04.2022 ● updated "about" page, updated "shrines" page to match the aesthetic of other pages and made a new diary post.

5.03.2022 ● reverted back to old layout. new music tab on home page.

5.02.2022 ● added more accesible links for people on mobile on every page. also added chat to every page. moved the audio on the diary page to the right side to accomodate for the link and chat boxes. all of these changes may be reverted back to their original state, i haven't decided yet.

4.30.2022 ● added a "shrine" page that includes a shrine for frogs and my cat, willow.

4.28.2022 ● added some new pixel friends, a new diary entry, more links and a pronouns page by clicking on my name in the "about" page.>

4.27.2022 ● tweaked some more things. added "link" page.

4.26.2022 ● tweaked some things in most of the pages. added custom scrollbars, an "update" and "to-do" section to the main page. (that's this!) added a secret to the front page frog.

4.25.2022 ● created "about" and "diary" page. posted my first diary entry. added a cute froggy page counter.

4.23.2022 ● created website. added basic layout of what i wanted it to look like.

☆ to-do ☆

clean up site code
make basic coding tutorial
add music tab to all pages?
add more pages
create link page
move home button to top